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Combine display stands for your store individually

Are you a retailer and would like to equip your shop with the necessary display stands for an attractive presentation of your products? Then you have come to the right place! Whether you want to present clothes, shoes, accessories, or other products - with display stands that match your fittings and the requirements in the store, you can put your products in the right light.

In our range, you will find a wide variety of display stands - whether clothing display stands, table displays, hangers, or baskets. Discover the different models and customize the color and design. With our innovative ShopDesigner software, you can design your store yourself; design and place display stands, and other elements such as wall panels or changing rooms. We will then be happy to deliver the right products from our production to you at the best price.



  • An extensive selection of modular shop fittings such as display stands

  • ShopDesigner software, the smartest and easiest way to design your shop on your own

  • We take care of everything from concept creation to project management to assembly

  • More than 30 years of experience

  • Own production for perfect quality

  • Timely and punctual delivery

  • Quick and easy assembly of the shop systems

The right display stand for every product - find the right solution for your shop now

Depending on the product, you need different display stands for the presentation of goods. In the fashion industry, in particular, display racks or clothing racks are a must in the shop since clothing can be perfectly presented for the customer. As experts in shopfitting, we offer you a wide variety of solutions on how to present your products in style. Discover our large selection now.

Popular Display Stands at a Glance:


  • Table stands that can be used in combination with cupboards or drawers to provide even more storage space

  • Clothing stands in various designs to display clothing and accessories

  • Basket stands in different heights and sizes

  • Display stand combinations of different variants, for example with hangers and shelves

Also, discover our wall systems for an appealing presentation of products in different variants. Combined with freestanding product racks, this creates a harmonious overall concept with enough space for your products. Simply place the desired stands in our design software and see at a glance what your shop looks like in the 3D model.


All of our display stands and racks can be customized. You can choose the look and color for yourself. How about, for example, modern table stands with a wood look and metal frame?

With Shopline, you can design your store entirely according to your wishes

Table stand, clothing stand, or rather both? We encourage you to design your shop according to your taste. Choose the right products for your store from various wall systems, display stands, cash counters, changing room areas, and much more. And, we will ship your selection to you. Thanks to our how-to videos and manuals, the installation and assembly of our products are particularly easy – can even be done by non-professionals.

Of course, we would also be happy to advise you on a very individual shop concept and design for your store. Thanks to our in-house production, all products meet the highest quality standards, are durable and modern.

Just 3 Steps to Your New Shopfitting: 


  • Design: Our team will draft a layout for you that matches the floor plan and your design requirements and will advise you comprehensively. You will, of course, receive a transparent overview of costs as well.

  • Delivery: We deliver the desired products quickly and on time thanks to our extensive inventory in compact packages.

  • Assembly: Assembly is a child's play and easy to implement even for non-professionals. We have prepared installation videos for each product and you may view them online.

Do you have any questions about our display stands or our shop systems? Simply write to us via chat app on our website, call us, or send us an email and we will be happy to help you as soon as possible.  We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Shopline Shopfitting and Shop Design

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