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Retail Store Wall Systems

Discover Modular Wall Systems for Your Shops

With Shopline's modular shopfitting systems,  you can furnish your stores quickly and stylishly. With our wall systems for retail spaces, you have the opportunity to create a new shopping world for your customers. Present your products attractively and clearly with a wide variety of shelving systems, wall panels, hangers, and other components for perfect product presentation.

Simply select the right wall system, for example, our Fix System with height-adjustable shelves and adapt the color and composition of the individual components to your needs and wishes.


With our free ShopDesigner software, you can build your shop virtually with our products and see at a glance what the result will look like. We would also be happy to support you personally with the concept creation and provision of our modular shopfitting systems.



  • An extensive selection of modular wall systems

  • ShopDesigner for easy shop design

  • We take over everything from the concept to project management to production

  • More than 30 years of experience

  • Own production for perfect quality

  • Timely and punctual delivery

  • Easy and quick installation of the wall systems

Shop Design Solutions | Wall Systems | Mesh System

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Mesh System is a freestanding structure with modular frames and connectors. It may be placed away from walls, too.

Shop Design Solutions | Wall Systems | Fix System

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Fix System is a height-adjustable upright with both aluminum and iron solutions as well as single and double-sided versions.

Shop Design Solutions | Wall Systems | Basic System

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Basic System is the traditional aluminum upright system with different panel selections.

Shop Design Solutions | Wall Systems | Wall Up System

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Wall Up System is the most lightweight system with L shaped profile, fixed to the wall and floor at the same time.

Shop Design Solutions | Wall Systems | Point System

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You can freely arrange rectangular or circular slots on your wall panels.

Shop Design Solutions | Wall Systems | Equipment

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Equipment providing flexible solutions and different options

Shop fitting wall systems - design your business

easily yourself

Are you a retailer and want to make your store unique, practical and promotional at the same time? This is child's play with Shopline's shopfitting systems. We provide you with a wide variety of wall systems with a modular structure that you can individually adapt to your premises. With the right shop fittings, from the right sales stands to decorations, your shop will become a whole new world of shopping.

Our modular wall systems:


  • Mesh system: free-standing shop wall system made up of frames and connections

  • Fix System: Wall system with height-adjustable gate made of aluminum or iron

  • Basic System: Aluminum wall system with different panels to choose from

  • Wall Up System: inexpensive metal shop fitting system that is attached to the rear wall and the floor

  • Point System: Wall system for individual suspensions with round or rectangular puck designs

  • Wall systems furnishings: individual furnishings such as hangers and for the various wall systems

Each of our shopfitting systems offer you a wide variety of options for the presentation of goods. Regardless of whether you want to integrate shelves, front hangers, showcases or other components - with us everyone will find the right system for the harmonious shop fitting. Some wall systems can even be installed free-standing in the room and used, for example, as room dividers.

Select the color of the frames and the individual furnishing components yourself and adapt everything to your business. In our design software you can set up your shop virtually in 3D and even get an initial overview of costs. In a personal consultation, our designers will then be happy to create the right layout for your store and we will provide you with all products in compact packages. Installation is very easy thanks to video instructions and telephone support.

With shop fitting systems from Shopline, setting up your shop is child's play

Your store's interior is your brand's showcase. Customers come into contact with your products at the point of sale and want to shop in a stylish and well-arranged store. In addition to the appealing product presentation and decoration, this naturally also includes the practical and functional aspect. So that customers can quickly find their way around and find their goods nicely presented, they need a tidy shop fitting system in which all products find their place.

With our solutions you create exactly such a new shopping world. Regardless of whether you want to present accessories with our Point System or decide, for example, with our Basic System for an individual presentation of goods with hangers, drawers and shelves - our shopfitting systems stand for practical and modern solutions for retail. You can customize and design every wall system. Choose the structure, the furnishing and the color scheme yourself.

Our services at a glance: 


  • Concept creation

  • Project management

  • Production

  • Inventory and shipping

  • Service and assembly

Discover now the right shop interior according to your taste and test our free ShopDesigner, which offers you a lot of freedom to design your business. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our chat, phone or email and we will provide you with competent assistance. We look forward to your order!

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