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Shopfitting Systems - discover individual solutions for your shop fittings 

Present your goods attractively and stylishly with wall systems from Shopline. Our modular shopfitting systems offer solutions for your personal requirements. Create inviting shopping environments for your clientele and give your products an attractive and clear appearance. 

Simply select one of our wall systems for your store - there is a suitable solution for every store concept. For example, choose our Fix system with height-adjustable shelves. With our free Shop Designer, you can set up your store virtually and get a first impression. We will also be happy to support you personally in creating your concept and provide our modular shopfitting systems.  

Our modular wall systems at a glance


Mesh System

The Mesh System is a free-standing wall system consisting of modular frames and connections, with which you create a spatial 3D depth in your store. Our product allows you to customize your walls with the metal frame system. Since the Mesh System is a freestanding wall system, it can also be placed centrally in the middle of your store. 

Fix System

The Fix System is a height-adjustable wall system made of aluminum or iron, which is available in a single-sided and double-sided version. Thanks to the height-adjustable mechanism, the Fix System offers appealing solutions for your personal needs in a wall system. This system can also be used as a partition wall in your store or in front of the changing rooms.

Basic System

A traditional wall system is the Basic System made of aluminum offers you various decorative choices of panels. This option stands upright and can be equipped with 60cm or 90cm wide panels. Hangers, display cases, illuminated pictures and drawers can be ideally used with this wall system.

Wall Up System

The Wall Up System is an affordable metal wall system that attaches to the back wall and floor. This option can be used in widths of 60cm, 90cm and 120cm. It offers an inexpensive but aesthetic and functional solution for retail business. With a variety of shelves, panels, hangers and illuminated images, this wall system can be expanded to your liking.

Point System

A wall system for various individual hangings is offered by Point System. With its freely selectable puck design in round or square, it enables an individual design for your store. The Point System allows aesthetic and practical solutions, so that especially single shoes, hats and other garments are shown to advantage. 

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Shop Design Solutions | Wall Systems | Mesh System

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Mesh System is a freestanding structure with modular frames and connectors. It may be placed away from walls, too.

Shop Design Solutions | Wall Systems | Fix System

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Fix System is a height-adjustable upright with both aluminum and iron solutions as well as single and double-sided versions.

Shop Design Solutions | Wall Systems | Basic System

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Basic System is the traditional aluminum upright system with different panel selections.

Shop Design Solutions | Wall Systems | Wall Up System

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Wall Up System is the most lightweight system with L shaped profile, fixed to the wall and floor at the same time.

Shop Design Solutions | Wall Systems | Point System

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You can freely arrange rectangular or circular slots on your wall panels.

Shop Design Solutions | Wall Systems | Equipment

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Equipment providing flexible solutions and different options

Wall Systems: Our Services

Feel well taken care of and advised with our services:

  • Concept creation

  • Project management

  • Production

  • Stock and shipping

  • Service and assembly

Shopline shopfitting: Our advantages

  • Extensive selection of modular wall systems 

  • Store Designer for effortless store design

  • Takeover of conception, project management and production

  • More than 30 years of experience

  • Own production for controlled quality

  • Timely and punctual delivery

  • Easy and fast assembly of the wall systems

Find the wall system that suits your individual needs now. Also try our free Shop Designer and get a first impression of the design of your store. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to your order! 

Shopline Shopfitting and Shop Design

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